Mr. Mute is a multi-talented performer. This actor-juggler-acrobat is also an unforgettable mischievous character!

He carries people away into his imaginary world in which objects around him suddenly come to life when he comes in contact with them!

His inventiveness turns the furniture in his home into circus props.

The energetic, funny and resourceful Mr. Mute is a consummate host concerned with his audience. He guides them into his fantastic adventures. The clever, cunning, charismatic, witty and constantly moving character keeps interacting with spectators. He is thoroughly and utterly involved in what is happening here and now.

Mr. Mute moves to a whole range of rhythms and music. His faces and his way of moving like something out of an animated comic strip will fascinate young and old alike.

Discover Mr. Mute's friends: Flip the performing dog, Tyranis Rex the flesh-eating plant and Roar the dragon snake.

Mr. Mute invites you to step into his wild, happy and colourful world where everything is possibleŠ

Inspired by the silent movie era, Mr. Mute is a universal character unimpeded by language borders.