Yvan Côté


Silent movies, comic strips and characters such as CHARLIE CHAPLIN or AVNER THE ECCENTRIC filled and fuelled my imagination."

As a circus artist and founding member of DynamO Théâtre, Yvan Côté travelled throughout Québec, Canada and around the world for over 30 years, performing both on stage and on the streets.

The adventure began in September 1980. He was one of the first to enroll in circus classes at Montreal's "Centre Immaculée-Conception" centre. The institution later became the National Circus School of Montreal. With a group of fellow students, he joined Pierre Leclerc, one of the founders of the circus school, and formed the "TROUPE CIRCUS", which later became the DYNAMO THÉÂTRE company. He continued his training in the company and developed as a circus artist. Robert Dion, another founding member of DYNAMO THÉÂTRE, introduced him to the language of theatre and physical acting. He took part in the collective writing of Mur-Mur, a classic Quebec acrobatic theatre production, and gave over 600 performances across four continents.

Full of ideas and fascinated with creation, he was awarded a research and creation grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (Quebec council for arts and letters) in 2005. After several months of experimenting and exploring, he came up with an original production. His playful character Mr. Mute is fascinated with handling new props. He transforms his environment wherever his circus fancy takes him.

As an artist, he also has a strong social commitment. He took part in the set-up of "La Caserne 18-30" training centre in the Hochelaga Maisonneuve neighbourhood where over 90 members regularly come to practice circus arts. At the same time, he also was a social circus instructor and trainer for CIRQUE DU MONDE (an organization sponsored by CIRQUE DU SOLEIL). In addition, he was involved with the TOHU centre in the development of a circus school program for high schools in Montreal's Saint-Michel neighbourhood. He also carries on this aspect of his career as an artistic advisor for CIRQUE du SOLEIL's new ONE DROP foundation in Central America.

His Mr. Mute character allows him to fulfil his childhood dreams, i.e. to travel, meet interesting people and keep having fun as he experiments and creates.